Dr Judy Lovas is Australia's leading expert on
Evidence-based Relaxation

I now have better quality sleep. Judy presents with a wealth of knowledge and I thoroughly recommend her caring expertise. J. Darsley



Relaxation for
Chronic Conditions

Join Judy for 45 minute relaxation classes to reduce stress-related, chronic conditions. Learn to relax regularly and effectively for anxiety, depression, pain, sleep disorders and trauma. Relaxation is evidence-based, non-pharmacological, non-invasive, and simple.

In-school workshops

Relaxation Skills
for Students

Students learn to cope better with study and stress, and decrease their anxiety, pain, depression, sleep disorders and trauma. Judy offers simple evidence-based relaxation skills for your students to develop life-long, self-care strategies in mental health.

In-house workshops

Relaxation Skills for
Workplace Health

These unique workshops offer your organisation greater performance and productivity. Your teams learn simple, evidence based skills to improve mental health and physical well being and reduce anxiety, pain, depression, and sleep disorders.

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is a nobler art of leaving things undone
Lin Yutan