Short course at University of Sydney: Psychoneuroimmunology-based Relaxation Therapy

31st May 2021

  A new, improved 8 hour online course at Faculty of Medicine & Health, University of Sydney!! Gain CPD points. This course is designed for clinicians, students, teachers and researchers who wish to learn Mind Body science and evidence-based, practical, clinical skills to decrease chronic conditions .  Please visit or contact Judy at

Relaxation Therapy for School Students

7th February 2021

  It’s a fact: Children learn better when relaxed Australian schools are now expected to foster student mental health to enhance learning and the classroom environment. As young people feel more stress from study, social, family and global events, schools can nurture psychological wellbeing with qualified, flexible programs. Art & Science of Relaxation conducts evidence-based … Read More

January 2021 and many of us want to start afresh

18th January 2021

2020 brought change and uncertainty in a unique way, both personally and globally. These rapid changes are still occurring, so for a real fresh start, we need to keep adapting to these changes as much as possible. Relaxation skills are effective in adapting to stress caused by the ongoing changes we are currently experiencing. Using … Read More

Recent research demonstrate benefits of Relaxation Therapy

9th October 2020

Ground breaking research into chromosomal telomeres demonstrates the effect of relaxation and lifestyle on many aspects of health. Telomeres are a region of repetitive DNA at the end of each chromosome to protect them from deterioration, very similar to plastic tips on shoelaces that prevent the ends from fraying. Stress is known to influence the rate of telomere … Read More

What is Psychoneuroimmunology?

9th October 2020

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is the study of the interactions that occur between the neurological, endocrine, and immune systems. PNI focuses on the links that exist between a person’s emotion and behaviour and their relationship with immune-mediated disease. The science underpinning PNI reveals that stress is an immunosuppressant. In other words, PNI identifies the direct links between … Read More

Psychoneuroimmunology – Linking the Mind and Body

9th October 2020

In the early 1970s, a psychologist and an immunologist collaborated to examine the effects of regularly feeding rats with sweet water and an immunosuppressant. Presented together repeatedly, the sweet water and immunosuppressant formed a conditioned response. That is, the rats continued to get sick even when they were fed only sweet water. This landmark research … Read More