Professional Education

Art & Science of Relaxation teaches health and medical professionals how to apply relaxation techniques clinically, as an evidence-based treatment for chronic conditions. ASR offers Relaxation Therapy as a multidisciplinary, evidence-based, holistic intervention, supported by research in Psychoneuroimmunology. In face to face seminars or webcasts and online training, participants:

experience and practice relaxation
learn to apply relaxation clinically
develop proficiency in teaching patients to relax regularly
understand leading evidence in the efficacy of relaxation therapy

Dr Judy Lovas clearly translates leading research from Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and explains the art and science of relaxation for mental health and physical wellbeing. PNI studies interactions between neurological, hormonal and immunological pathways and is the science of mind body connections. PNI demonstrates how stress and relaxation effect anxiety, depression, pain, sleep disorders, trauma, and diseases such as dementia, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

A choice of courses!

8 hour online CPD course at Faculty of Medicine & Health, University of Sydney
Psychoneuroimmunology-based Relaxation Therapy
It's suitable for clinicians, students, teachers and researchers who wish to learn Mind Body science and evidence-based, practical, clinical skills to decrease chronic conditions.  Please visit


2 hour course on Introduction to PNI

6 hour course on PNI and diaphragmatic breathing

6 hour course (part 1) on PNI and diaphragmatic breathing

6 hour course (part 2) on PNI and guided imagery

For Judy's online training packages, please visit:

The Art & Science of Relaxation Therapy: Reduce Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Sleep Disorders, Trauma and Inflammation