About us

Dr Judy Lovas is dedicated to quality education in Relaxation Therapy for
anxiety, pain, depression, sleep disorders, trauma and chronic conditions

About ASR

Art & Science of Relaxation is a unique educational service in evidence-based Relaxation Therapy. ASR teaches relaxation skills to enhance mental health and reduce stress, pain, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and trauma.

Dedicated to reducing common stress-related conditions, ASR provides face to face and online Relaxation Therapy presentations for schools, workplaces and clinicians.  With a practical approach, ASR demonstrates evidence-based techniques that are effective and simple to use regularly. ASR also offers small, specialised classes in Northbridge, Sydney.

For health and medical professionals, Art & Science of Relaxation presents cutting edge scientific and holistic seminars and webcasts, based on Psychoneuroimmunology. Clinicians learn to apply relaxation techniques clinically to improve patients' health and reduce chronic, stress-related conditions.

ASR is the result of years of study, teaching, research and practice in psychology, complementary therapies and psychoneuroimmunology by Judy Lovas.

About Dr Judy Lovas

Judy has a PhD from Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney and an eclectic background in psychology, tertiary education, massage therapy, research and clinical practice. Judy’s keen interest in health and medical science plus her passion for high quality education combined to create Art & Science of Relaxation in 2010.

Judy is a dynamic speaker and presents with knowledge, passion and humour to:

  • school students to learn coping skills for study and life
  • health and medical practitioners to apply relaxation therapy in clinical practice
  • people who wish to learn simple relaxation skills and improve their own mental health
  • private and public organisations for better workplace health
  • university students studying psychology, medical science, counselling

Between classes and speaking engagements, Judy regularly practices the art of relaxation with family and friends!

Educational Services

Relaxation for School Students

These unique presentations offer students ways to cope better with study, stress and life's challenges. Students can learn to reduce their anxiety, pain, depression and sleep disorders and increase concentration, memory, confidence and effective learning, by practicing simple relaxation skills.  Judy presents evidence-based relaxation techniques and encourages your students to develop life-long, self-care strategies and improve mental health.

Relaxation in the Workplace

Healthy workplaces promote staff wellbeing. Art & Science of Relaxation helps organisations and businesses improve performance and productivity. Your teams learn simple, evidence-based skills for better concentration, confidence and mental health. ASR clients include Optus, Bosch & Lomb, Clayton Utz, Aged & Community Services, and Australian Association of Social Workers.

Relaxation Classes for Everyone

Judy conducts small, face to face 45 minute classes for 6 people in a private studio in Northbridge, Sydney. Join Judy in these practical classes to experience real relaxation. Learn how to relax regularly and effectively with simple, non-pharmacological, evidence-based techniques. Contact Judy to learn about individual relaxation sessions tailored to your needs.

Besides the noble art of getting things done
there is a nobler art of leaving things undone
Lin Yutan