It's a fact: Children learn better when relaxed

Australian schools are now expected to foster student mental health to enhance learning and the classroom environment. As young people feel more stress from study, social, family and global events, schools can nurture psychological wellbeing with qualified, flexible programs.

Art & Science of Relaxation conducts evidence-based presentations so students cope well with study stress and anxieties, and learn ways to manage their own mental health. Dr Judy Lovas combines science, experience and fun to teach self-healthcare relaxation skills for life.

Learning Outcomes:
In these presentations, students and teachers will:

Experience deep relaxation
Reduce stress, anxiety, depression, pain and sleep disorders
Cope better with study, school, peers and life's stressors
Improve memory, concentration and learning
Learn effective self-care skills
Develop greater control over their own health
Understand psychological and physical benefits of relaxation
Recognise the importance of regular practice

Judy's dynamic presentations include:
Practical relaxation experience
Fascinating facts of how relaxation helps our minds and bodies
Questions, challenges, myth busting and fun
Clear handouts, posters and reminders

Face to face or online (Judy always prefers face to face!)
Tailored to the year group, school and class
Single presentation, ongoing seminars, follow up programs
Range from 1 hour, half day or full day
Flexible to your students' needs

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