Excellent, clear explanations of complex concepts
Paul Davis, Social Worker

Very helpful information about the practice of teaching relaxation in a session
Juliette Lovell, Psychologist

Great science based presentation and practical components.This work is important today
Amanda Battle, Yoga teacher

Thank you for a professional and informative seminar
Glenn Fleming, School Counsellor

Judy is a great presenter who offers something valuable to take to clinical practice
Natalie Rechichi, Psychologist

Great mixture of theory and practice. Cuts to core concepts
Sarah Howlett, Occupational therapist

A very useful seminar, great knowledge and good value for money
Andrew Meyer, Psychologist


Personally, highly valuable. Professionally, motivating!
Julie Boland-Chant, Social Worker

Judy was excellent and very knowledgeable in this field
Raksha Lutchman, Senior Psychologist

Very useful and will definitely include into pain management program
Deborah Goff, Neuropsychologist

Practical component allows consolidation of knowledge learnt. Very enjoyable
Trudy Schatz, Registered Nurse

Practical, useful application of refreshingly easy to understand theory
Verlie Kennedy, Massage therapist

An excellent presentation with clear practical components
Mairwen Jones, Clinical Psychologist

Excellent presentation reinforcing that body and mind are connected!
Helena Robbins, Occupational Therapist