Welcome to unique seminars that enhance psychological and physical wellbeing and reduce chronic, stress-related conditions  

Art of Relaxation is the regular practise of simple techniques
Science of Relaxation is the study of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) 

Dr Judy Lovas is an experienced speaker, dedicated to presenting evidence based benefits of Relaxation and current research in PNI, the science of mind body health

Enhance patients' health & gain CPD points

'Judy keeps everyone engaged throughout her informative seminars. I learnt how to explain the biological basis of relaxation to patients and enjoyed the practical sessions.'
Dr Iti Agrawal, Psychiatrist


Evidence based Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation is evidence based, non-pharmacological, non-invasive, efficacious and cost effective 

These practical seminars demonstrate simple techniques to enhance psychological and physical health. Review the latest and leading research in relaxation for pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Experience benefits of effective relaxation skills for yourself! Discover easy ways to include regular, daily practice of evidence based relaxation. Learn to teach relaxation to patients, enhance their health and improve your clinical practice. 

Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology

PNI studies interactions between psychological factors, hormonal processes and immune function

These dynamic presentations highlight links between thoughts, emotions and health. Review cutting edge PNI research of intimate connections between mind and body. Learn effects of relaxation on neural, hormonal and immunological pathways and its' role in reducing pain, fatigue, anxiety, inflammation, depression, PTSD and chronic disease.  Discuss clinical relevance of PNI. Be inspired by this scientific and holistic approach to health!